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  • About Us
    About Us

    MENG LENG EAV Group is a leading company in
    supplying high quality power tools, hand tools and
    agricultural products with world renowned brands for the construction and agriculture field in Cambodia.

    In the continuous developing state, MENG LENG EAV
    Group has supplied various products in Cambodia since
    1993 to present (2014) and grown from a family business
    to a registered private limited company which carried many exclusive world known brands with dealers throughout the

  • Entrepreneur

    There are two key personnel who started this company. Mr. Meng Leng and Mr. Meng Eav​ (younger brother). By seeing Cambodia is under developing country and it has a great potential opportunity
    for construction and agricultural products in the future, the two brothers has started hardware and agricultural tools business.

  • Vision

    To be the most reliable company in supplying and
    providing premium products and services for Construction and Agricultural sectors.

  • Mission

    Our ultimate aim is to serve our customers through premium customer service, quality and commitment to achieve high level of customer satisfaction

  • President’s Message

    Since it established in 1999, MENG LENG EAV has emerged as one of the leading in supply of high quality power tools and agricultural products in the country.

  • Vice President’s Message

    Since the country is in a stable political, security and safety. Building infrastructure, roads throughout the country helped encouraged to flourish to the economy in Cambodia. From year to year, many big investors in and outside the country are looking for the agricultural and construction industry as a sector has a high potential, which will have grow rapidly.

  • Description
    Meng Leng Eav Co., Ltd. in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Meng Leng Eav Co., Ltd. classified as Electric Equipment & Supplies, Electronic Products - Retail & Services, Machinery & Machine Shops...